Arachne’s Daughter

Arachne was so bold as to challenge Athena, to confirm that her skills in spinning threads and weaving them into whole cloth ,were as great as the goddess’s. Her reward was to be transformed into an eight legged spinner of webs, to hunt the six-legged for food, forever, and incidentally prevent the rest of us from drowning in a sea of insects.

The moral, the lesson in the tale would have all of us remember to avoid hubris, no matter how brilliant you are. Know your place, always.

Also, the story takes it for granted that women spin and weave and that these skills and their technical prowess is something to celebrate.

Did she weave other people’s threads? Does it matter that the first of the three wise women/fates in Greek story telling is called clothes? She who makes the yarn of your life and rolls out the thread to she who measures the span of your life to she who cuts it? Atropos?

Cloth/thread. Measuring. cutting.

Sounds like patternmaking to me, making something wearable from a cloud of loose fluffy fibres, like making a way to wear a garment, sheltering people from weather and the storms of social disapproval alike.

I feel like one of Arachne’s daughters, ambitious tackling projects way above my skill level, being humbled by making the sort of errors that

Clothes to dance in. Dreaming of clothes, making them and trying to avoid the mistakes of tiredness or distraction.

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